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    Is it a cultural thing, stereotyping issues, or maybe a tad intimidating to date outside your race. To be honest I don't even know how to begin in a way that its comfortable and no one feels out of place. Any ideas?
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    my ex husband is white

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    I have dated outside my race for 25 years( I'm white and I date black men) a lot of people think it's because of the sex but it's not. I have been treated better by black men than any one else. It's not true that all black men r hung like a horse so it's not all about that. I want a man who treats a woman well, in return I will treat them the same way.


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    I know that I frequently find myself attracted to women outside my race and I suppose it's for different reasons. I think when 2 people keep the relationship about themselves, things will fall into place. Mutual respect and the ability to embrace and appreciate cultural differences goes a long way. As far as what others think, years ago I adopted the  philosophy that what others think of me is none of my business- besides if you've noticed most people are too self-absorbed to think about others very much. I'm not out to get the approval of the world. Anyone who is disturbed by me being in a relationship with a non-white woman needs to get over it. What they think is not my problem. The only opinions that matter are mine, yours and my kids, and my kids find any form of racism offensive.

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    I don't think there is a particular way to do it. I think if people like each other they should give it a whirl. If they head toward exclusively they should probably ask and share cultural no-nos. 

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