First Date Ideas

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  • Chocolate_Virgo1 ( 40 / W / Henrico, VA )

    Something fun and where we have a good time. A drive down the highway, or a trip to a museum or a park we just walk and talk...but something that we can learn about one another. Then perhaps go get a good meal and contin...  read more >>

  • Kujua_ ( 32 / W / Zürich, Zurich )

    I`d say it depends on the person. The first date can be pretty much everything from having a coffee together to skinny dipping under the moonlight. Important are good conversations and lots of laughter. Let`s see what ha...  read more >>

  • BraveLee33 ( 33 / W / Bridgetown, Christ Church )

    Nothing too crowded but a nice atmosphere where you can talk and get to know more about that person, where you can build comfort levels in that person's company. Doesn't matter if it's fine dining or a picnic in the park...  read more >>

  • darkangel_82 ( 35 / W / Bridgetown, Christ Church )

    No preference..but it must be one where we both can look forward to meeting each other again.

  • christianfriend1 ( 46 / M / Tallahassee, FL )

    Start with a prayer for God's will be done. Followed by a long talk at the beach then dinner while holding hands and being honest with each other about who we are - no games. Gazing into your eyes I hope to catch a glimp...  read more >>

  • jazzeyc ( 22 / W / Shiloh, NC )

    Beach wise or a nice dinner date

  • DivineNature01 ( 40 / W / Fairburn, GA )

    Wherever I go it will be fun. Just make sure it's not a funeral. I was actually asked to go to a funeral for a first date. I declined.

  • KawasakiChic ( 39 / W / Phenix City, AL )

    I'm a pretty laid back person so as long as i'm having a good time & enjoying the person i'm with everything will go smothly

  • hipstootrue ( 38 / W / Henrico, VA )

    Some where quiet, where you can hear each other with out yelling over a crowd or music

  • BakedChips ( 49 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    I would like to spend a first date enjoying a common activity. That diminishes some of the pressure of the getting-to-know-you period and can also be just plain fun.

  • DaniAlise ( 24 / W / Greenville, MS )

    My ideas first date just has to be calm, interesting, and fun. I am open to go anywhere, even if it's the backyard!

  • marvio ( 33 / M / Wilmington, CA )

    something unique and adventurous

  • Candiecoatedkis ( 33 / W / Nashville, TN )

    Just be spontaneous maybe start with breakfast or dinner, hit up a pool hall and then maybe go bowling.

  • MyrnaS ( 56 / W / Fairfax, VA )

    Anything that allows us to get to know each other and have fun.

  • MrNiceGuy77 ( 40 / M / Aalborg Øst, Region Nordjylland )

    Kunne tage en tur i biografen og se en film, eller privat hos mig til en kop kaffe, kommer du/I med kagen så, smiler frækt..., hehe

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